Splitboard Lessons (ENG)


Learn to ride a Splitboard 

PRICE from 65 EUR*
SKILLS Intermediate to Advanced
DURATION 3 hours
LOCATION Postavaru or Sinaia Resort
NO. PEOPLE 1 to 4 persons


// So you’ve just bought a splitboard and you feel like a bull in a china shop? Don’t worry you don’t have to be a guru on skies in order to understand and master your splitboard.

// Join us and we shall teach you efficient ways to climb uphill slopes on the snow so you can enjoy the best part of it – the descent

// From the kick turn (no, it’s not a boxing move), to zigzag techniques used to traverse a steep slope, on how to use and care for your climbing skins, etc.

What You’ll Get

A Complete Package from Start to finish

Included safety equipment

Not included

  • Transceiver
  • Probe
  • Shovel
  • Splitboard equipement (available on request)
  • Personal purchases

Price per Person

65 EUR/pers (for groups of 2-4 people)
75 EUR/pers (for individual lessons)

Course Information

Group size: up to 4 persons

Fitness level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: Intermediate snowboard level

Payment: online or cash

We kindly like to point out that the cable car fee (where it appliesis not included in the course price. This cost needs to be handled separately. Thank you!

Meet your Instructor - Marius

Mountain Guide & MIAS Mountain Bike Leader


Enduro biking and splitboarding are part of me, they define who I am. For me, they are more than just a way to escape crowded and overused resorts. They are a way to push limits and get out of the comfort zone, a way to explore and to discover. That perfect mix of silence and grandeur that only a mountain can offer, the freedom to climb on your own, to define your route and follow it, the power to use your body strength to move forward and to enjoy downhill rides and fresh turns, no matter what season is out there – this is what defines me and what I want to share. The path is the same, only the texture is different.