Shredding around the world
Explore some of the world’s most epic riding destinations and the local travel attractions while learning the tricks & tips of the most addictive sports on the planet!
Ride Hard attitude and Enjoy Life & Nature mentality!

Share our passion for riding and travel
Mountain biking on the most amazing single track ever! Snowboarding like you’ve never shred before! Surfing while catching the most amazing wave! Kitesurfing and doing tricks you`ve always dreamed of ! Stand up paddle and feel the heart of the wild untouched nature ! Taste the best of the local culture and history, like a local would.

Best Professionals in the field
Just like we handpicked locations, we`ve done the same at selecting an international crew of trip organizers and guides , that have local knowledge of the spots, are highly-certified and ranked amongst the best within their riding activities.

Let your mind be shredded, under the guidance of highly qualified, friendly, passionate and experienced shredders!

Riding Spots
After intensive traveling around the world, we`ve handpicked world renowned destinations, that are not only beautiful, but also provide the best infrastructure and facilities to learn and progress your riding.

Kitesurf the flat water lagoons in Brazil and the waves in Fuerteventura. Mountain bike in one of the world`s biggest bike parks in Canada. Surf the long waves of Peru & live the Inca culture. Enduro bike the high altitude trails around Matchu Pichu. StandUp Paddle and admire the wildlife of the Danube Delta. Snowboard the wild Romanian Carpathian mountains surrounding the historical cities and castles. There are a lot of mind blowing spots where to plan your next shred with us!

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